2020 Spot Landing Contest – Feb. 15

February Activity — Spot Landing Contest

February is traditionally the time for our spot landing contest. This year, the contest will be held at Gila Bend (E63) on Saturday, Feb 15.  We will meet at the Gila Bend airport at 8:30am. We will finish up before lunch, and return to the DVT airport restaurant for lunch. If you’re planning to participate, please RSVP as soon as possible. We need a good turn-out to have a decent competition, so we encourage your participation. If you haven’t tried this before, come join us. The more the merrier!

As we did last year, we will use the scoring method using the shortest distance of each pilot’s landings rather than the sum of the distances.  The rules are available here.

We are again including the “dead-stick” landing option in the competition. Each pilot will have the option of making any landing from a power-off approach. For this option, power will be reduced to idle at the start of descent on downwind, and is not to be reapplied prior to landing. Spot landing performance based on the reference line will be evaluated with a scoring incentive for the dead-stick option:  half (50%) of the measured landing distance will be used for the scoring of the power-off landing. The goal is to demonstrate landing performance in a simulated engine-out situation. The pilot will adjust pattern size and application of drag to land on the desired spot. As always, safety is the primary consideration, so any reapplication of power necessary to ensure a safe landing is always the first priority.