Early History of the Star Aero Club

The Star Aero Club was initially formed in 1978. Over its 40 years in operation, club members have seen many changes in Honeywell, general aviation, Deer Valley airport, club activities, and yes, even the club members themselves. This page captures a few of theĀ  activities, newsletters, and other documents providing a glimpse into the world of the Star Aero club in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The club was formed as a non-profit corporation in May of 1978. Here are the original Articles of Incorporation.

A Sample of Early Newsletters

December 1988

April 1989

February 1991

July 1991

October 1991

September 1992

November 1992

Odds and Ends

1991 Air Rally Rules

Club Membership 1995 and 1996

Learn to Fly Promotion

Open Letter to Aero Club Officers – Ever since the early days, trying to increase membership and participation has always been a club interest. Some things never change!

Ryan Field fly-in (sometime in the early ’90’s)

Sperry/Honeywell History

Here are some historic photos of the Sperry/Honeywell Deer Valley facility.