Spot Landing Contest – May 7th

Once again, we have rescheduled the spot landing contest. The April 13 date didn’t work out due to a variety of airplane and pilot availability issues. In an attempt to hold this event before the summer heat settles in, and because most of the regular participants are not available for the upcoming Saturday mornings, we have rescheduled the contest to this Tuesday morning, May 7th. The forecast high temp for Gila Bend on Tuesday is only 83º. So, call in sick and take a few hours to come flying on a weekday morning. After all, it’s a training flight!

The contest will be held at the Gila Bend (E63) airport with the same format as past years. Please let us know if you are interested and available. Rules for the spot landing contest are available here. We will meet at the Gila Bend airport at 8:30am. We will finish up before lunch, and return to the DVT airport restaurant for lunch. If you’re planning to participate, please RSVP to Michael Gibbs as soon as possible. If you haven’t tried this before, come join us. The more the merrier!