Poker Run Rules

It’s time for the annual Star Aero Club Poker Run! This is your chance to grab a great poker hand and win a cash prize.  As most of you know, this is one of the biggest club events of the year and preparations are underway to make this a terrific event once again.

If you’ve not had a chance to participate or just need a reminder, here are the particulars:

Format:  Depart from Deer Valley Airport and fly to four other designated airports where each participant will pick up a sealed envelope containing one standard playing card. Upon returning to Deer Valley, we will meet for lunch at the Deer Valley airport restaurant where all participants will draw their fifth card. The participants with the three best hands (standard 5 card draw poker rules apply) are declared the

You do not have to participate in the Poker Run to attend lunch.


a. The poker run is open to all Star Aero club members, guests, and visitors.

b. Everyone who participates in the poker run is eligible to play a hand, however, to be eligible to win a prize the following rules apply:

1. You must have attended the check-in and preflight briefing, registered and paid the ante.

2. You must fly the entire course. It does not matter whether you are the pilot in command or a passenger just as long as you fly the entire course.

3. Envelopes will be opened at a specified time (approx. 1:00pm) at lunch. You must be present during the time in which the envelopes are opened. Participants who cannot be present must coordinate with the group in advance to remain eligible.

NOTE: If you have a legitimate reason for not being there when the envelopes are opened such as a mechanical problem or an ill passenger an exception may be made. Enough time will be allowed for the slowest airplane to make it back in time given the current weather conditions. Shooting approaches, extra touch and go’s, or flying to other airports would not be considered legitimate reasons for being late.

c. Hands drawn by participants who do not meet the prize eligibility criteria will be recorded but will not be eligible to win a prize.

Registration:  If you plan on participating in this year’s Poker Run please RSVP as soon as possible and include all of the following information:

1. Name

2. Indicate if you will be:

a. Pilot in Command (indicate aircraft type, and N number)
b. Riding along with someone as a passenger (indicate with whom)
c. Would like to participate but need a ride (we’ll do our best to get you a seat)
d. Attending lunch only.